Intercity Geometry Seminar 2020    
Perverse filtrations, Hilbert schemes,    
and the P=W conjecture for parabolic Higgs bundles    
after Junliang Shen and Zili Zhang    

Session 1 - January 31
Universiteit van Amsterdam

13.00-14.00. Lenny Taelman. (Room F1.02, Science Park 904)
  Higgs bundles and the non-abelian Hodge correspondence.

14.30-15.30. Victoria Hoskins. (Room A1.04)
  The Hitchin map and purity of the Higgs moduli space

15.45-16.45. Lie Fu. (Room A1.04)
  Introduction to perverse sheaves.

17.00-18.00. Mingmin Shen. (Room A1.04)
  On the perverse filtration.

Session 2 - February 28
Universiteit Leiden (Room 401)

11.15-12.15. Chris Peters.
  Introduction to mixed Hodge structures.

13.15-14.15. Emma Brakkee.
  Hilbert Schemes and their tautological cohomology I.

14.45-15.45. Martijn Kool.
  Hilbert Schemes and their tautological cohomology II.

16.00-17.00. Sergej Monavari.
  Perverse decomposition for Hilbert schemes of elliptic surfaces.

Session 3 - March 27
Universiteit Utrecht


Session 4 - May 8
Radboud Universiteit Nijmegen (Room TBA)